Article by Guest Blogger, Jessica Brody

Pets can bring immeasurable joy and comfort to our lives, and for most pet-owners, their animal is like another member of the family. There’s a lot to consider, however, when you choose a pet to bring home. Taking care of an animal is a big responsibility that requires your time, energy, patience, and money, so it’s not something to enter into lightly or because you think he’s cute.

One of the biggest considerations for a pet is whether you’ll have the space for him to be safe, loved, and comfortable. Some pets require more room than others; if you live in a very small house or an apartment, you probably won’t want to go with a large dog. Some pets are prone to medical conditions that will require daily care or prior knowledge of how to keep them safe, such as bulldogs, who can have trouble breathing because of the shape of their snouts. Being educated about the breed of animal you’re going to get is imperative.

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Make Sure You Have the Time

Taking on a pet means taking time to train and love him, and it’s a good idea to be available for at least the first few days he’s at your home. This will help the two of you get to know one another while he explores his new space, and it will allow you to teach him the rules as you bond. If you have other pets, it will also help you introduce them to one another so there are no problems. Outside of the first week, you’ll still need to set aside time to walk your pet or play with him and show him lots of affection.

Determine Which Breed Is Right for You

The type of animal you get is very important. Take into consideration how you and your family will interact with him. Do any of you have allergies? Do you have very young children who might not click well with a particular breed? Do some researchbefore you make a decision; look online for information about various types of animals and what their needs are.

Have Things Clean and Ready for Your Pet

Preparing your home for a new pet is essential, especially if you have other pets or have had one in the past. Cleaning your carpets and upholstery will rid your homeof any odors or stains from previous pets, which will help prevent your new animal from making messes of his own.

It’s also a good idea to have everything ready for your new pet before he arrives. Toys, food and dishes, bedding, and anything required for his bathroom needs should be purchased and set up so he’ll feel at home.


When your pet first gets to your home, it’s important to make sure there aren’t too many people around, especially if he’s a rescue who is anxiousaround a crowd. Have only immediate family at home when he arrives, and take things slow. Allow him to sniff around and explore, and then have some quiet bonding time where he can cuddle, play, and get used to his new family.

Adopting a pet is a wonderful way to help save an animal, so check with the local Humane Societybefore going to a pet store or breeder. Make sure you have the extra funds to pay for the adoption, spay or neutering services, food and supplies, and licenses, as well as for his first trip to the vet. Keeping your new pet healthy will make all the difference when it comes to giving him a nice, long life with your family.

Title Photo via Pixabay by Brun-nO