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One of the best investments you can make, is that between you and your dog.

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At Ruff House Dog Training, we know dog training is more than walking your dog. It’s about restoring families and lives. Reclaiming the way you used to live before your dog forced you to change. Obedience through communication is the key to success! When one of your dogs attacks the other and prevents him from coming into the family room; When your neighbor is afraid of your dog attacking their dog; When you just can’t get through to your dog and it’s forcing you to make a decision to get rid of the dog or end your relationship; That’s when we step in. Learn through comedy, fun, and easy to understand methods to take back control of your home. Not only do we train dogs to be obedient, we are problem solvers. We are not a franchise nor are we a big business. We offer unlimited access for you to call with issues that occur after the session. We travel all around the DC and Virginia area helping people with situations described above and many others, along with obedience and walking.

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What Should I Expect?

This is the question that I get on a daily basis from potential clients, and I always have the same answer. With any form of training, there is no guarantees that are made. Much like working out in the gym, you have to be consistent in order to see the results you desire. The same goes for dog training. You will get out of my programs what you put into them. This means if you maintain the training tools that I give you over time you will be more than satisfied; or at least that’s what over 400 other clients tell me.


90 Minute

Let Ruff House Dog Training come out and give you a hand and teach you some tools and techniques to improve that behavior.

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Our fix for when your dog is using the bathroom in the house, chewing shoes, nipping with those sharp puppy teeth, and barking.