Five Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Home Sparkling When You Have a Dog

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There is no denying how much we love our dogs, but their playfulness can sometimes cause accidents. That doesn’t mean cleaning up after them needs to be devastating to our household budgets. Here are some economical ways you can keep your home clean even with the messiest (but terribly adorable) pup living under your roof.

Start with Tools

You may think you have the tools you need, but you may end up working harder than necessary without pet-specific cleaning gear. For instance, you want a vacuum that will pull up dog fur from your carpet. To find one that does the job perfectly, check reviews before committing to a specific model. Preventing messes can be just as useful in your battle to keep your house tidy. Getting a good brush that removes loose hair saves you from cleaning it off every surface later. Additionally, you want to think outside of the home. To keep your yard in good condition, see what different pooper scoopers are available, and which fits your needs best. With the right tools, you can keep your entire property spick and span.

Spot Cleaning Messes

The best way to prevent messes from setting, and thereby staining, is to be ready for them. The faster you get to them, the easier they are to remove. Bodily fluids, from vomit to saliva, are notorious, so have a heavy duty carpet cleaner in your arsenal from the get-go. If you prefer, you could always make your own stain remover as a green alternative. You can mix vinegar and baking soda or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (depending on the severity of the stain) for your own spot treatment. Just be certain that you clean up any residue after everything dries. You may need a few passes, so check that the stain is entirely gone.

Removing Fur from Upholstery

Pet hair gets everywhere. If you have a dog that sheds frequently and has long fur, this is where a good quality vacuum will come in handy. Use the upholstery attachment and vacuum it up. Vacuums don’t come cheap, so make sure you look for reviews to ensure you’re getting a good one. Rubber gloves, especially those with grooves, are amazing at grabbing fur in large chunks. However, if you need to detail-clean the corners of your sofa, just use an old toothbrush. Another way to get the small, tricky areas is with tape. Lint rollers work wonders, but they may not be able to get into tight corners. Tape, however, can reach these areas with ease. When you’re truly out of options, a strip of fabric softener can be just what you need to clean up.

Resolving Odor Issues

Dogs are notoriously smelly, especially after a long day of fun outside. Keep your pup’s belongings, such as the bed or cushions they are partial to, washed at least once a week. This will help cut down on any lingering odors around the home. Don’t think you can simply cover smells with air freshener, either. It may surprise you, but cat litter is an excellent tool to limit odors in your home. As with avoiding stains, if your pet has an accident, the best way to make sure the odor doesn’t linger is to clean it up as soon as possible. The faster you get to it, the less likely it is to seep into the padding beneath the carpet itself.

Reducing Allergens

Dander, fur, and saliva can cause a host of issues, including breathing issues. To ensure the air in your home remains clean, invest in an air purifier. If that is outside of your budget, don’t worry. Many of the steps mentioned can go a long way to removing allergens as well. Keep your pet’s bedding washed, groom them frequently, and sweep or vacuum as often as needed. By doing so, you’ll freshen the air and make your home a place where everyone can relax.

Keeping our houses neat doesn’t need to compromise our household budgets. We can give our families — and pets — the homes they deserve. Have the right tools, know how to remove stains and smells, and never dread having company over again.

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