A Family of 8, Adds 2 more

happy dog owners trained by ruff house dog training

Ruff House Dog Training Helps Family Adapt To New Dogs!

Check out how Ruff House Dog Training helped this family of 8, comfortably add 2 new pups to their home. When we got the call to go help to transition Sherman and Wilson into the home, we were ecstatic. We love helping families develop the necessary bonds to help their families not only maintain their daily lives as is, but to do so with a cute new pup! This family adopted 2 great dogs and we were able to help them make the transition a breeze!

Through proper training and instilling quality obedience, anything is possible. We take pride in building family relationships that will thrive for years and grow stronger everyday with each other. Check out the video below and subscribe to my Youtube channel while you’re at it, or head over to our Videos Page for more amazing results!

90 Minute Miracle

Has your dog made your guests uncomfortable? Have they been barked at and jumped on when they came in the door?

We Can Help!

6 Week Obedience Training

So you’ve finally got your pup and are in love with him! One thing you didn’t plan on, is the dog using the bathroom in the house, chewing shoes, nipping with those sharp puppy teeth, and barking. Now what? 

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