Petiquette Tips: How to Be a Good Dog Owner

dog etiquette for dog owner

Petiquette Tips: How to Be a Good Dog Owner

As a dog owner, you love your furry companions, and the feeling is mutual. Fido’s parents also want to be considerate in the neighborhood, so learning a few petiquette tips can help keep the peace.

Do the Responsible Thing

Many people underestimate the responsibility and time commitment that accompany getting a dog. The Spruce highlights some of these necessary considerations that come with being a thoughtful dog owner:

  • Understand the length of the commitment. Dogs can live up to 17 years depending on breed.
  • Make sure you will be able to make time for your dog.
  • Follow local laws and ordinances. This might entail getting your dog vaccinated, registered, and chipped.
  • Spend some time to train and teach dog good manners and important commands.

The Canine Commandments

As a dog owner you should take the time to train your dog to sit, come, and stay. These three commands are not just to show off to your friends, but are necessary in public situations when you need to control your dog or get them to listen.

In addition, dog owners should consider these additional doggy manners so they do not become a pet peeve to others:

The walk. The leash should not be long enough that they can get tangled up or caught up in something. Keep you dog near you; this offers more control. As the Chicago Tribune reports, many municipalities have pooper scooper laws, which require you to pick up after your dog. However, this should apply any time you take your dog out in public — always carry extra poop bags.

The dog park. Use the dog park as a way to supplement your dog’s activity. Be careful if they enter the park overexcited, so try to train them to stay calm and not run up to dogs entering the park. Never leave your dog unattended in a dog park and stay near him the whole time. You want to be there in case there are any confrontations.

Stores & more. While there are many pet friendly places in many modern cities, it is necessary that you do proper research before bringing your pet. Be mindful of inventory and take care your dog isn’t chewing or destroying merchandise you don’t plan on buying.

Mind Your Neighbors. There is much more to owning a dog than simply putting him outside in the backyard and leaving him there. You don’t want to become the annoying neighbor with the barking dog that sometimes jumps over the fence or runs around the neighborhood.

Fencing. Be honest about the breed and personality of your dog, his propensity for jumping or escaping and ensure to install the proper fencing height. Consider other options of brick walls or tall wooden picket fences that obscure your dog’s visibility.

Investigate the source. According to Dogster, dogs bark for a variety of reasons like boredom, fear and overexcitement. Once you know the reason, you might be able to curtail barking by proper training.

Exercise your dog. Having your dog outside alone all day does not make for great exercise and does not fulfill their need to expel energy. Walking your dog and providing mental stimulus might help diminish your dog’s barking.

Don’t fall for short cuts. Stay away from products that promise to end dog barking like electric fences. The best solution is to work with your dog’s natural behavioral patterns rather than try to suppress them artificially.

Being a responsible dog owner includes knowing how to behave with your dog and what to do to avoid disturbing or putting others in danger. Dogs are loyal companions that know nothing but love and service. We should repay them by giving them our love and attention, too.

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Article by guest writer: Aurora James
Photo Credit: Pixabay

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