Do I Really Need A MicroChip For My Dog?

dog learning to walk on a leash

Get A Microchip!

When it comes to getting a microchip, some dog owners feel it as a waste of money. This is a question we get all the time. It really comes down to how much do you want your dog back? Today, I encountered another prime example of the importance of such a thing. In my local area, I was driving to a client for some dog training. Luckily, I spotted this beauty wandering the streets. This dog has a collar with basic contact information of how to reach them. Although this provides a way to contact the owner, what if that collar came off? It is often quite cheap to get your dog microchipped (averages $45, according to, and is the best $45 you could ever spend.

dog returned safely

This dog got home safely all because it had identification, but collars aren’t permanent. Get your pup chipped!

So if your dog doesn’t already have it, I highly recommend a simple Google Search to get it done!

A Step Further, Get Quality Training!

So I’ll be honest here, putting a microchip in your dog is the first step to ensure you get him or her back, but why risk even letting them get away? With proper training and obedience, you can get the results you need to ensure this doesn’t happen. Teach your dog the right way to act, and put in place some measure to ensure a runaway is not in your cards, or at least to help minimize it. Get in touch with us to setup your training today, and keep your loved furry friend around for a long, long time.

There is no one simple fix when it comes to dog training, or instilling a sense of responsible behavior in your dog, but with the proper training, you can improve the likelihood of ensuring that.

90 Minute Miracle

Has your dog made your guests uncomfortable? Have they been barked at and jumped on when they came in the door?

We Can Help!

6 Week Obedience Training

So you’ve finally got your pup and are in love with him! One thing you didn’t plan on, is the dog using the bathroom in the house, chewing shoes, nipping with those sharp puppy teeth, and barking. Now what? 

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