My Dog Doesn’t Listen to my Commands

dog playing in house not listening

Maybe It’s You?

When trying to demand a dog follow your commands, have you considered the dog doesn’t know what you’re asking? Many times we think the dog knows what we are asking, because we are asking them very “dog-like” things such as “Sit!” “Stay!” “Come!”. You may be telling yourself, “my dog should automatically know these things right?!” Absolutely not! We have to be realistic in our expectations of our dog and If we haven’t taught them what these words mean, we can’t expect them to perform them.

Did You Teach The Command?

If someone were to yell at you in a language you did not understand, wouldn’t it frustrate you that they were getting frustrated because you didn’t perform what they were asking? Imagine the dog. The dog wants to perform for you. They get great pleasure from performing for you. Set the dog up for success. Set yourself up for success. Spend the time to adequately teach your dog your expectations and what certain words mean. If you do not, you are setting everyone up for failure.

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90 Minute Miracle

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We Can Help!

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